Alleviate Administrative Challenges in Healthcare

While fall is typically a busy time of year, this fall is anything but typical yet again as the Coronavirus continues to spread across the country. As a result, the healthcare industry continues to be disrupted and impacted in day-to-day operations.

With the pandemic shifting, many practices are operating at or below capacity, but the demands continue to pile onto the staff.

Are you currently looking for ways to alleviate these burdens of the ongoing pandemic?

Approaching today’s healthcare challenges

With modernized healthcare, your staff can manage many of today’s challenges with automated solutions to release manual tasks and get your staff back to patient-centric work. 

Here are a few other things to consider:

  • With privacy, security, and simple self-service technology, clinical staff can continue to function in an increasingly efficient and safe manner.
  • According to a recent study conducted by Science Direct, virtual and remote technologies have been used more frequently in health care management. As a result, significant time is saved on automated administrative work.

Why implementing a digital process works

With the limitless options for technology, it can be overwhelming to begin to implement digital processes. However, digital solutions can impact not only the staff but also the daily operations and costs and there are simple solutions out there.

In a recent case study HealthMark Group conducted, one of our surgical partners saw an impact of reducing the workload of 15 people to one.

Questions to evaluate finding solutions: 

  • How is your intake process working for telehealth and in-person arrivals? 
  • How are your patients currently completing intake forms?
  • What opportunities could having a solution like this provide to you? 

HealthMark Group has two unique offerings that can streamline the ideal day-to-day operations/current function (with simple self-service technology):

HealthMark Group Patient Engagement Platform - Powered by OTech:
In COVID and post-COVID times, mobile check-in is an absolute must. If you haven't started the process yet, I recommend doing so immediately to avoid delays. Patients will NOT want to be crowded into a waiting room ever again; every practice in America needs something like this.”

 - Chief Medical Information Officer

HealthMark Group Record Management - Powered by MedRelease: You have too much to worry about during this high-stress time - for high-risk challenges when it comes to quickly responding to various needs for protected health information such as medical records, billing records, and clinical forms - lean on HealthMark Group for compliance.

Save time and money by making a switch  

The current need to transition to remote offerings in healthcare has been proven to provide valuable cost-savings. The time spent on manual tasks can be converted to time-saving digital products.

The benefits of the transformation not only alleviates staff but allows for visible cost savings for your healthcare practice. 

The case for digital solutions, cost-savings:

  • Maintaining personal interactions and establishing the opportunity to get patients the information they need to be processed — instills confidence surrounding the security of their online information.
  • The product offerings can help be the patient’s go-between to relieve extra manual administrative work.
  • It’s a reliable solution to get patient information, medical records, etc., to patients faster online.
  • You need to differentiate yourself as a trusted partner and continue building relationships and credibility with digital offerings.

Today’s patient is looking for everything to run as smoothly and safely as possible. Modernizing with digital offerings will meet patient needs and will improve your processes. 

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