Meet HealthMark Group’s Single Solution Digital Health Information Platform

The patient information journey, including patient intake and release of information (ROI), has traditionally included a variety of time-consuming, manual tasks. With all of the digital tools available in healthcare, there’s no reason to keep wasting internal resources on outdated manual tasks that could otherwise be done digitally and efficiently.

HealthMark Group provides two technology solutions under one digital health information platform to alleviate the administrative burden that the traditional patient information journey places on healthcare organizations:

Here’s how your healthcare organization can step into the future and centralize the entire patient information journey with HealthMark Group.

Two Healthcare Solutions, One Vendor

The patient intake and release of patient information processes are confusing, inconsistent, and often backlogged. This leads to inaccuracies (which then leads to risk), frustrated employees, and reduces overall patient satisfaction. Implementing both of HealthMark Group’s solutions together helps relieve administrative burdens, ensures compliance and security, and saves resources like time and money. 

Using both solutions also allows healthcare organizations to consolidate vendors and achieve compliance seamlessly. Managing and contracting multiple vendors to handle different parts of the patient information journey is unnecessary and just adds more to your already throbbing administrative headache. 

How is our digital health information platform impacting organizations like yours? A clinic we partner with recently shared that their rate of abandoned phone calls noticeably decreased after partnering with HealthMark Group because their staff members had more free time to actually speak with patients. That’s just one way that implementing a platform for the full spectrum of patient care helps healthcare staff better serve patients.

Patient Intake, Simplified

When a new patient first comes to your facility, there’s a lot of paperwork and administrative burden involved with patient intake. This is where our OTech patient engagement solution comes in. 

OTech guides patients through the self-registration process via web-based check-in or in-office check-in with tablets and kiosks. Patients can input their information directly into the system in a manner that’s private, secure, and simple. This paperless solution lets you automatically save clinic forms directly into an EMR or PM system with custom workflow integrations and supports real-time bidirectional updates into the nation’s leading EMR and PM systems:

  • Greenway 
  • NextGen
  • athenaHealth
  • Allscripts
  • Epic

A smoother intake process substantially reduces the administrative load placed on your staff, allowing for greater efficiency, reduced costs, increased revenue, safeguarded PHI, and higher patient satisfaction overall. Cutting time on administrative tasks means there’s more time for higher-value tasks, including patient care.

Secure Release of Information

When it comes to ROI, HealthMark Group’s records management solution, MedRelease, serves as a powerful, innovative system to fulfill medical record requests securely and accurately. 

This records management solution allows your staff to release patient information and medical records to the requesting party in a way that’s safe, efficient, and compliant with all state and federal regulations, including HIPAA. Record requests follow a transparent process through an accessible, configurable, and secure dashboard. Our team of CRIS-certified specialists handle requests for medical records, billing records, diagnostic imaging, and clinical form support, allowing you to remain compliant and cost-efficient. 

The Association of Health Information Outsourcing Services (AHIOS) oversees the Certified Release of Information Specialist (CRIS) certificate. The CRIS exam is a rigorous test that evaluates ROI staff knowledge on how to protect the confidentiality of patient health information when that data is released to requesters.

MedRelease also supports the accurate completion of FMLA and disability forms. The solution keeps data and records organized and ready to pass an audit with flying colors.

With industry-leading turnaround times, MedRelease offloads demands from payers and attorneys while complying with increasingly stringent regulatory requirements. MedRelease can connect to any EMR system.

Benefits of Using OTech and MedRelease Together

Our goal with OTech and MedRelease is to help your medical practice consolidate vendors and improve administrative efficiency so you can focus on your own clinical goals. The patient journey can have quite a few twists and turns in it, and it doesn’t make sense to work with multiple vendors for patient intake and ROI. 

Not only does working with multiple vendors get expensive, but it’s also difficult to keep track of patient information, compliance, and the vendors themselves. Compliance is one of the most important reasons to consolidate. Utilizing one comprehensive, compliant vendor will help you minimize risk and meet industry standards and regulations.

Adopt a Single Platform

Don’t waste money on inefficient solutions and letting untrained staff move important information around. It’s time to move into the future by centralizing your patient information journey and working with a partner that can ensure compliance and information security.

To learn more about HealthMark Group’s OTech and MedRelease solutions, schedule a demo.

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